In Response to Recent Tragic Events

UCF Cares stands in solidarity and empathy with our students, staff and faculty, and members of the entire UCF community who are being directly or indirectly impacted by current racially motivated events. 

 Our communities are hurting because of the re-opening of deep racial wounds on top of the many losses caused by COVID-19. This is causing profound psychological impact and trauma on our mental health. UCF has resource to support students during this difficult time. Please reach out if you would like to get support for this or other issues by connecting with Student Care Services at 407-823-5607 or CAPS at 407-823-2811.

Employee Resources

UCF Cares trainings are available for individual departments, organizations, or groups. Please connect with UCF Cares to request training for your area. Topics covered include: working with students in distress, connecting students with resources on campus, and how to report students of concern.


This informational module provides supplemental training to the in-person UCF Cares training provided by Student Care Services. This module provides information and resources on working with students in crisis or distress. The module takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. If you would like to schedule a departmental or staff training, please e-mail