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We want all students at the university to know that UCF not only cares about their academic success, but their overall wellbeing. Life can get difficult at times, especially while in college. Many students are faced with stressors and challenges that begin to impact their success as a student. These stressors can appear in many different forms: difficulty adjusting to university life, family issues, financial difficulties, abusive relationships, etc. Our goal is to "build a culture of care, one knight at a time, where every UCF Knight cares about the health and safety of one another."


Assist the UCF Community with:

  • care related resources and programs focused on health and safety
  • finding an appropriate network of support
  • connecting with advocacy
  • education and training

There are many resources at UCF to assist students with getting connected on campus. UCF Cares focuses on the key areas of safety and wellbeing, respect, sexual violence, and mental health.

Who is Involved?

We want everyone in the UCF community to be a part of our culture of care. The core UCF Cares team includes faculty, staff, and students who work with all areas of the UCF community to get the message out about UCF Cares to students, faculty and staff. UCF Cares is successful because of its strong partnerships throughout Student Development and Enrollment Services and its connections with student.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Be a part of our culture of care
  • Know UCF resources on campus
  • Refer and support those who need help
  • Join the student group
  • Follow us on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) @UCFCares
  • Attend events and presentations
  • Tell other Knights about UCF Cares
  • Have a UCF Cares Team Member come talk to your student organization/department/class


"UCF Cares provides more then just smiles. Being able to hand out promotional materials has enabled us to not only brighten up a students day, but equip them with beneficial information that can assist with many unanswered questions involving student resources. Having an adequate amount of materials will ensure that as ambassadors, we are providing the student body with the information that they need."

- Vanessa Palmer, UCF Cares Ambassador President

"With all the allocated resources that we've used, it has made a long lasting impact on the UCF population because I've been able to spread the word of all the great resources that no one has heard about or I've given them first hand experience of using the offices on campus, so they can feel better about using them."

–Jacob Alkana, UCF Cares Ambassador